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Summer 2023 Opportunities


About Our Camp Staff 

A positive and enthusiastic camp staff is essential for a fun and rewarding camper experience. Camper safety is our number one priority and this goal depends on a diligent and competent staff.


Benefits of Working at Camp

Serving as a staff member is hard work, but it is also very rewarding! Not only do you get paid and provided with room and board, as a camp counselor or activity leader you also build valuable skills that look great on a resume. Chanco staff have opportunities to develop skills in leadership, communication, and collaborative work as well as to earn certifications that can apply to future employment. Plus, you get to swim, boat, go on a ropes course, eat great food and work in a Christian community. You get at least 24 hours off each week and also get a really cool t-shirt. Best of all, you have tons of fun and make great friends!


About Our Summer Staff Positions

Camp Chanco staff members serve as mentors in counselor and instructor positions. These staff positions are the foundation for the entire camping program. Camper safety is our number one priority and this goal depends on a diligent and competent staff.

Activity Staff

Activity staff are assigned based on talent and experience. We have positions for: Archery, Ropes Course, Arts and Crafts, Nature, and Aquatics staff.

Staff members are responsible for their own program area and the development and planning of the program itself. If you have special skills in any of these areas and like the idea of teaching, then maybe an Activity staff position would be right for you.

Download & View the PDF for the Full Job Descriptions:

Archery Director

Arts & Crafts Director

Camp Nurse


Media Specialist

Nature Director

Ropes Instructor


Our counseling staff provide 24-hour supervision to our campers. Counselors are set in pairs and partner with program staff to oversee a campsite of up to 18 campers.

Counselors work as a team to create a safe, fun, Christian community for their campsite. In order to do this, they not only help facilitate but also participate in each activity along with the campers.


Download & View the PDF for the Full Job Descriptions:



The future of our summer camp staff are this year’s Interns. This staff training program includes fulfillment of daily tasks crucial to the program as well as related to support functions.

Formational time with our chaplains and time spent with the campsite observing and assisting counselors are also parts of the program. Service may last for one session up to the entire summer. Our Intern staff training program is open to candidates 17 years of age.

View and Download the full job description for Interns.

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