All about Chanco on the James

Promoting the Spiritual and Physical Wellness of God's People


Chanco is situated on 125 acres of woods surrounded by natural wildlife along the James River. Our location in Surry County, Virginia is a short ferry ride away from historic Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg.

We offer Christian hospitality to guests of all ages, races, and denominations and we welcome the opportunity to share God’s love as revealed in the beauty of creation.

Vision & Mission

Chanco on the James strives to be the “spiritual heart of Southern Virginia” that greets our guests of all ages, races, ethnicities, and cultures with Christian hospitality. We strive to promote the spiritual and physical wellness of all God’s people through our summer camp programs and retreat facilities.

Our mission is to provide a relaxed, comfortable environment to promote spiritual, personal and professional growth. Chanco strives to be a place to rest, rejuvenate, and reconnect with God, His people, and His creation.

I envision Chanco being everything it currently is and much, much more. I see it as a place with the potential to be the true spiritual heart of Southern Virginia – a place where people come from all over for spiritual formation, refreshment and worship, a place characterized by Christian hospitality.

I see the summer camp as a place for our young people to grow in their spiritual awareness and to begin to find their place in the community of the baptized. And finally, I see it as a place that draws in people from both inside and outside our Church, giving us an opportunity to share with them God’s love as revealed in the beauty of creation.

The Rt. Rev. Holly Hollerith, IV

Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia

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