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Why Work at Camp?

As a Chanco staff member, you will develop skills in collaboration and communication, develop resilience and grit, and grow as a servant leader. In addition to participating in fun activities like sailing, ziplining, and nature hikes, our staff have the unique opportunity to leave a lasting impact in the lives of our campers. All our jobs are paid bi-weekly and include lodging and meals for the duration of the summer. Additionally, many of our positions can be turned into an internship for college credit. If you want to be a part of a supportive, Christian community focused on personal and professional growth, then Camp Chanco is the place for you. 

The Chanco Staff Experience

Staff FAQs

Why work at camp?

Live, play, and work in God’s Creation. Develop life & leadership skills. Strengthen your faith while impacting kid’s lives. See this article for more on why we feel jobs at camp are invaluable to your personal, spiritual, and professional growth (ACA Article). 

What does a ‘Day In The Life’ look like for staff?

While no day at summer camp looks or feels the same, we have a set schedule of activities that campers and staff follow throughout the week. We begin our day with breakfast at 8am, then everyone heads to the Spirit Center for morning worship with our Chaplain. The rest of the morning, camp staff are either with their campsite groups participating in various activities or leading the activities (note: this depends on your position). Campers and staff might go sailing and do a nature hike or spend the morning at the ropes course! At 12:30pm, we refuel our bodies and minds with lunch and rest time. 
In the afternoon, we continue with our various activities, which includes a dedicated time for free swim in either the James River or pool. After the free swim, we have shower time, which is then followed by dinner. Dinner is followed by canteen time, where campers can purchase a snack or Chanco swag and run around playing games. Our last programmed activity of the day is our evening program which often includes all camp activities such as Thumb WrestleMania, Survivor, Skit Night, Movie Night, and much more!
There is ample time in our schedule for breaks. We strive to give our staff the rest they need to succeed. Each 2-week session includes one 24-hour break from 5pm to 5pm. In between sessions, camp staff have off from Friday afternoon to Sunday Morning.

Who can apply?

Anyone over 18 may apply for our walk-around counselor, activity staff, and leadership positions. 17-year-olds may apply to be an intern, which is a paid, partial summer position. You must be willing to work with youth and live in a rustic environment. 

What do you look for in camp staff?

Camp staff come from all walks of life. Some are quiet; others are loud. Some are artistic & musical; others are sporty & athletic. However, all should have one common trait. Camp staff should love working with kids. As you’ll see during our staff training, there is no one “right” way to be camp staff. We often take different approaches to challenges, offering unique solutions. Due to this, we feel that camp staff don’t need to exhibit specific characteristics and qualities, but rather are open to learning and growing in a faith-centered environment focused on creating an impactful, influential camp experience for all our campers.

Do I have to be an Episcopalian?

No! Chanco on the James is an equal opportunity employer. However, our camp program is centered around the Episcopal faith and applicants should be comfortable living and working in a Christian setting. All staff and campers will attend morning worship and chaplain activity blocks throughout each session. We expect our staff to engage in our chaplain program in meaningful and intentional ways.

What should I bring?

Camp staff live in a rustic environment in the outdoors, so bringing the proper gear and clothing is extremely important! Please see the attached PDF for our detailed packing list: Packing List

What areas can I specialize in?

Chanco on the James offers training for lifeguards, ropes course, and archery/axe throwing. Additionally, all staff go through a week-long training where they will receive a greater understanding of day-to-day camp operations, behavior management skills, and much more.

Do I have to be there the entire summer?

While we prefer staff to work the entire summer (with the exception of Interns), we recognize that there are other things going on in our staff’s lives! We require all staff to attend our staff training week in order to prepare you better for the summer. Beyond staff week, we ask that staff work a minimum of 2 sessions. Leadership staff and activity area leaders must work the entire summer.


About Our Summer Staff Positions

Camp Chanco staff members serve as mentors in counselor and instructor positions. These staff positions are the foundation for the entire camping program. Camper safety is our number one priority and this goal depends on a diligent and competent staff.

Activity Staff

Activity staff are assigned based on talent and experience. We have positions for: Archery, Ropes Course, Arts and Crafts, Nature, and Aquatics staff.

Staff members are responsible for their own program area and the development and planning of the program itself. If you have special skills in any of these areas and like the idea of teaching, then maybe an Activity staff position would be right for you.

Download & View the PDF for the Full Job Descriptions:

Archery Director

Arts & Crafts Director

Camp Nurse


Media Specialist

Nature Director

Ropes Instructor


Our counseling staff provide 24-hour supervision to our campers. Counselors are set in pairs and partner with program staff to oversee a campsite of up to 18 campers.

Counselors work as a team to create a safe, fun, Christian community for their campsite. In order to do this, they not only help facilitate but also participate in each activity along with the campers.


Download & View the PDF for the Full Job Descriptions:



The future of our summer camp staff are this year’s Interns. This staff training program includes fulfillment of daily tasks crucial to the program as well as related to support functions.

Formational time with our chaplains and time spent with the campsite observing and assisting counselors are also parts of the program. Service may last for one session up to the entire summer. Our Intern staff training program is open to candidates 17 years of age.

View and Download the full job description for Interns.

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