A recognition of our wonderful supporters


Your Generosity Matters

When making your gift, please indicate if you are contributing to our annual fund or capital campaign.

A Recognition of Our Wonderful Patrons

We are fortunate to have numerous supporters: some offer their time and energy, some encourage the youth to attend the summer camp and organizations to use our conference center, some work on extensive renovations of our buildings and help with work weekends, and others offer their financial support.


Chanco on the James has Several Levels of Patronage:

In gratitude, Chanco recognizes these individuals and organizations for their financial support.

Bald Eagle Society Members ($10,000+)

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Banazek
The Constance Dundas Foundation
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Virginia Beach
The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia
The Warfield Foundation

Feather and Shield Society Members ($5,000 - $9,999)

Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg

James River Society Members ($1,000 - $4,999)

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Beach
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Belote
Camp Chanco Alumni Association
Mr. Phil & The Rev. Gini DiStanislao
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Franklin
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Hampton
Mr. Jonathan A. George
Grace Episcopal Church, Yorktown
The Rt. Rev. Herman Hollerith, IV
The Edwin, Severn, & Sarah Kellam Family
Mr. Larry Kohmescher
Mr. Jack Mace
Manakin Episcopal Church, Midlothian
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Meredith, Jr.
St. George’s Episcopal Church, Newport News
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Hampton
St. Matthias Episcopal Church, Midlothian
St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Colonial Heights
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Suffolk
St. Simon’s Episcopal Church, Virginia Beach
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Summerlin
Mr. Gonjoe C. Winn

Powhatan Society Members ($500 - $999)

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Boze
Mr. Benedict Bruno
Mr. Douglas Bullett
Mr. Jim Camp
Mr. & Mrs. Ash Cutchin
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Darlington
Mr. Davis Duke, Jr.
Eastern Shore Chapel, Virginia Beach
Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Midlothian
Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Southern Virginia
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Marquette
Mr. & Mrs. John Mills
St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, Virginia Beach
Mr. & Mrs. C. Latané Sale, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John Shannon
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Women, Norfolk
St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Appomattox
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Blackstone
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Norfolk
Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold L. Twigg

Surry Society Members ($100 - $499)

Mr. Klas Abrahamsson
All Saint’s Episcopal Church, Virginia Beach
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Alligood
Miss Brooke Banazek
Miss Grace Banazek
Mr. Kevin Bender
Mr. & Mrs. Willie Campbell
Miss Kaytlin Church
Mr. Richard Cole
Ms. Nancy “Jebbie” Crowe
Ms. Margaret Daly
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Darlington
The Rev. & Mrs. David Davenport
Mr. Bruce Deemer
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Durren
Episcopal Church of the Advent, Norfolk
Episcopal Church Women of Christ and Grace Church, Petersburg
Miss Alexa Fiske
Mr. Carlyle Gravely
Mr. & Mrs. Ames Herbert
Hickory Neck Episcopal Church, Toano
The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Peter Hogg, Jr.
Mr. David Holshouser
Ms. Edith M. Hoyt
Mr. & Mrs. Gareth Kalfas
Ms. Martha P. LaGiglia
Mr. Mark Lanier
Mr. David & the Rev. Julia Dorsey Loomis
Mrs. Judith Lovegren
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lowry
Mr. William Mace
Mr. & Mrs. Nathaniel McCormick
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Neff
Mr. Neil Newsom
Ms. Gale Nicholson
Ms. M. Kathleen Nolen-Martin & Dr. Frederick Martin, III
Mr. Vincent Olivieri
The Order of the Daughters of the King, Midlothian
Ms. M.J. Perkins
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Porter
Ms. Jennifer Pallas Rodriguez
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Schindler, Sr.
Ms. Ashley Scruggs
Miss Brook Sexauer
Ms. Ruth Simmons
Mr. Douglas Smith
St. Bride’s Episcopal Church, Chesapeake
St. Francis Episcopal Church, Virginia Beach
St. James Episcopal Church, Warfield
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Newport News
Mr. Thomas Stark, III
Mr. Andrew Summerlin
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Summerlin
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Thurmond
The Rev. Canon Edward J. Tracy
Trinity Episcopal Church, South Boston
The Rev. Eileen Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Willey
Miss Pamela Pine Winslow
Mrs. Karen Witherspoon
Mr. & Mrs. Raol A. Wolf
Mr. Curt Womble
The Women of Eastern Shore Chapel, Virginia Beach
The Women of St. Timothy’s Church, Clarksville
Women of the Church of the Good Shepherd, McKenney
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Wright

Friends of Chanco Members ($25 - $99)

Mr. Bowen Ault
Mr. William Ault
Mr. John Bates
Miss Hannah Beach
Mr. Eli Beardsley
Ms. Zoe Beardsley
Miss Ava Bergren
Miss Brooke Boynton
Mr. Nate Broughton
Mr. Jimmy Bugg
Mr. Jacob Camp
Mr. James Camp
Miss Annabeth Cary
Miss Charlotte Davey
Miss Keara Davis
Miss Madeline Dunaway
Miss Samantha Fischer
Ms. Mary B. Fenner
Miss Sofia Fitzwilliam
Mr. Colin Glavas
Mr. Coen Glavas
Mr. & Mrs. James Glynn
The Rev. Jaqueline Segar Gravatt
Ms. Catherine Hager
Miss Mary Harrison
Miss Elizabeth Harrison
Mr. Andrew Hucke
Col. Gordon Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Linmore Jones
Miss Anna Joyce
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Koren
Mr. Elliott Maas
Miss Addison Matevia
Miss Mackenzie Matevia
Miss Elizabeth Morgan
Miss Emily Newsom
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Newsome
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Palmer
Mr. Robert Parker
Miss Jean Plymire
Mr. Michaux Raine, IV
Mrs. Nicole Renz Bergman
Mr. Stephen G. Ritz
Miss Brooke Rogers
Mr. Alex Rous
Mr. Nicholas Smithgeorge
St. Monica’s Guild Church of the Good Shepherd, Richmond
Mr. Steve Summerlin
The Rev. & Mrs. David Teschner
Mr. & Mrs. Buck Tharpe
Ms. Melissa Thrasher
Mr. Campbell Tyler
Mr. Stuart Tyler
Mr. & Mrs. Coleman Upson
Mr. Michael Vasiloff
Ms. Teresa Vejvoda
Virginia Peanut Grower’s Association
Miss Lulu Wilson
Miss Abigail Wilson
Ms. Lisa Wood

Memorial & Honorary Gifts

In gratitude for our children and grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Banazek & family and Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Sale & family
Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Sale, Jr.
In gratitude for Talley Banazek

The Rev. & Mrs. David Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lowry
In honor of Bethany and Mary Bidgood

Mr. & Mrs. Berkeley Bidgood
In memory of Wyatt Ray “Mac” Bowman

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Simpson
In memory of Skip Brown

Mrs. Marty LaGiglia
In gratitude for the Chanco staff

Mr. & Mrs. Ames Herbert
In gratitude for the counselors of Camp Chanco

Mrs. Heather Swift
In gratitude for Cursillo in the Diocese of Southern Virginia

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Glynn
In gratitude for Gareth’s visit to our parish

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Hampton
In memory of Charles Hughes and Jim Canoe Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sarver
In honor of the Rev. David Lassalle

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Blackstone
In memory of Helen Hardin Luck

Ms. Elizabeth Bragg Crafts
Ms. Margaret Crooks
Ms. Ann Flanigan
Ms. Catherine Hager
John, Susan, Maura & Taylor Hawfield
Mr. & Mrs. David Mabe
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Miner
Palladium Partners, LLC
Ms. Demi Wheeler
In honor of Molly Martin

Mrs. M. Kathleen Nolen-Martin & Dr. Frederick Martin, III
In memory of William Perry Moore

Mr. & Mrs. Linmore Jones
Ms. Sherri Lively
Ms. Ruth Simmons
In honor of my parents Mr. & Mrs. C.L. Sale, Jr. and our daughters Laurann, Grace and Brooke

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Banazek
In honor of Tom & Susan Summerlin

Mr. Mike Summerlin
In honor of Terry’s retirement

Mrs. Betsy Wolak
In memory of the Twigg family gone by

Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold Twigg
In honor of Wade and Trey

Mr. Danny Williard, II
In memory of Dr. Robert H. Wright

Mr. Albert Rinner

Gifts in Kind

Mr. Rick Anoia
Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia
EVB Bank, Surry
Grace Episcopal Church, Yorktown
Mr. John Gulick
Ms. Jackie Harlon
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lowry
Pat Polen
Troy Marine, LLC
Mr. Jimmy Newsome
Stihl Incorporated